IWICA Students won lot of trophies on Thailand Junior Championship

IWICA students are returning home with lot of trophies from the Thailand Junior Chess Championship that finished today in Bangkok. More than 150 players from all over Thailand participated on the championship which was organized by Thailand's Chess Association. Our school is proud of the success of our students who won 7 trophies in the competition.

tycc iwica students

Our first congratulations goes to the winner in U6 girl competition Suparat Somwangthanaroj - Nano, who was late for the first round and started by forfeiting a game, before she won all the remaining games!

In U7 group, Tada Tangsunawan was 1st Runner Up, same as Chawit Mekarapiruk in U9 group and Chen Noppakorn in U12 group. In the same group Nathawat Phumphuang won the 2nd Runner Up trophy. In U15 group Rattathammanoon Tamtrakoon won and Natthapat Phumphuang is 1st Runner Up.

tycc iwica students chiangmai

Congratulations also to the rest of our students who didn't get to the trophies this time, but earned a valuable experience for the future tournaments. Kita Tangsunawan made his debut in U6 group, and Dhi Tawankanjana in U7 group proved that he is always a tough opponent and very close to the winning stand.  Also to Leon Pedenon and Ananda Vannaxay who competed in a very strong competition in U12 and U13 groups.

Congratulations to all our students and all the best in the next tournaments. We are very proud of you!