Curtain up Drama

curtain up


We teach all aspects of theatrical performance! We cater the needs of all performers from pre-school to young adults, whether they are confident budding talents or reserved and shy.
Students will rehearse for an end of term production so that every child has a chance to showcase their talent and demonstrate to their parents the skills that they have obtained.
Every term will be based around a new theme. Classes are tailor made by our team of qualified and experienced theatrical staff to reflect the ability of our students whilst maintaining a structured and original curriculum.
Classes contain a variety of theatre based activities and various acting techniques are explored and taught over the course of the term. These range from drama games that work to build confidence, to improvisation work that will challenge our students imaginations and quick wits.
These lessons promote real life skills, which drive children to not only be assertive and act with assurance on their own, but also teaches them to incorporate their abilities when working alongside others in a group.