Why chess?

Why Play Chess?
People say chess is a board game, sport, art, or primitive technology.
We, at IWICA use chess as an educational tool to amplify a child's education process by improving memory, concentration, critical thinking, visualization, planning ahead etc…
Today, Chess is the 2nd most played sport in the world with more than a billion players in over 180 countries. Extensive research around the world have shown that chess players on average had a higher IQ level than non-players. These are some of the very few reasons why Chess has been included in school curriculum in over 40 countries. Benefits of chess are continuing to baffle researchers even today. Chess has been played by prominent people in history such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Ludvig Van Beethoven, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Benjamin
“Chess is fun and chess is everything! So, if haven’t already then you should join IWICA and start playing chess.”

The learning outcomes of Chess program are:

- Critical Thinking
- Decision Making
- Attention and Concentration
- Self-esteem and confidence
- Algebraic and geometric thinking
- Resilience
- Problem Solving