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Building Robotics & Programming Courses by IWICA Robotics School :

IWICA Robotics from Thailand with its innovating, unique Robotics curriculum program is bringing efficient way for advance, intermediate, elementary and beginner kids (from ages 5-18 yrs. Old) to learn and master Robotics Concept in Thailand & Bangladesh. It combines mechanical, electrical, electronic, and programming skills with STEM concept of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This class will build creativity, logical thinking, and problem solving skills in your child. Students will be able to use the computer to create their own robotic devices.


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*Certified Robotics Programming Courses from Beginner up to Advance Levels allows kids to explore the world of robotics in a hands-on and engaging way. * Training is giving up to the level to participate in World Robotics Olympiads (WRO)
* On the completion of each level the certificate is given to students.
The learning outcomes, brief introduction of sequences of our Robotics camp program are:
- Student’s thinking will be extended to more practical and more leveled stuffs.
- Higher order thinking will be deeply embedded in building robots with higher tasks.
- MISSION: Understanding and completion of practical mission.
- CHALLENGE: Solving challenges by using robot creativity.
- TOURNAMENT: Getting students prepared for the Standard robot tournament
- Students will build the robots in sequences of instructions to complete the full task with programming      and in more challenging way.
- Kids will learn and focus more in different kind of sensors, machinery systems, robot and gears commands.


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